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Enlivening engineers have vast experience in the areas of engineering and product development wherein we provide consultancy. We provide expert reports that are used for product lifecycle predictions, failure analyses, product performance, process definitions etc. 

Some of our major consultancy areas are:

  • New Product Development

  • Conceptual Design 

  • Engineering Process Improvements

  • Performance Improvement

  • Value Engineering / Value Analysis 

  • Finite Element Analysis 



A vital element in the development of a new product is the prototype wherein form, fit and functionality is demonstrated.  The prototype is used to verify the design with respect to tolerances and fit, ease of assembly, appearance, ergonomics and functionality under operating conditions.  In short, the prototype converts an idea to practice. 

At Enlivening, we work with autoclave/ out-of-autoclave molders, prototype shops, machine shops, sheet metal shops, welders, and electrical/electronic and mechanical engineers/technicians to expedite the prototype fabrication quickly and effectively.

Enlivening does conduct static/dynamic testing of components, sub-assemblies and assemblies. This makes us single-stop partner to our clients for end-to-end solutions.  We do contract certifying agencies and test shops if project/product needs. Typical testing projects include static / dynamic loadings, fatigue/ durability testing, Acoustic/NVH testing, impact/crashworthiness testing etc.



Enlivening’s Composite Product design, analyses and manufacturing team has decades of experience in developing aircraft and space-vehicle structures. The team members have published large numbers of papers in refereed journals, and we are proud of our team's credentials in terms of publications and patents. We have developed several new techniques to get accurate and correct solutions while analyzing layered composite structures, viz higher-order shear deformation theories, coupled-field finite elements, material compatibility, FPF, etc. We also deploy our in-house developed codes to predict inter-laminar shear and transverse normal stresses and failure theories.

Enlivening Technology leverages its significant composites experience in Autoclave/Vacuum molding processes and specialist processes such as Resin transfer molding RTM, VARTM and Resin infusion to deliver high performance composite products to its global customer base.


5% of revenue is invested for R&D to develop new technology and cost-effective solutions for composites in aerospace and defense industry.

Enlivening leverages on its extensive expertise in engineering & design solution/services capabilities with excellent domain knowledge and technical know-how to provide high performance, cost effective solutions, resulting in value addition and customer satisfaction across aerospace and defence industry. Enlivening’s domain experts are supported by young CAD/CAE tool experts to perform the design and analyses requirements for product development.

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