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Executive Leadership

Enlivening Tech. - Executive Leadership:

Dr. Gajbir Singh, MD & CEO

A seasoned professional who started his career with Indian Space Research Organisation and spent about two and a half decades wherein he led teams for the design and development of several launch vehicle and spacecraft systems.

His expertise lies in advanced composite materials and structures. He has been instrumental in optimising several space vehicle sub systems.

He also led a team for development of general purpose finite element analysis software (FEAST) that helped the organization to design and analyze space vehicle structures, in an era where the popular packages like NASTRAN were not available at ISRO.

Designed, India’s largest 32-meter antenna for moon mission, payload UVIT, rocket motor cases and nozzles for DRDO missiles and several aircraft systems such Empennage of SARAS and fuselage of reusable launch vehicle for EADS.

He has lead several organisations in P&L roles as such SVP,CADES; Strategy director for Satyam; MD for global engineering for Accentrure: SVP, Defiance technologies (A Hinduja company). He has successfully grown these organisations to very high levels providing more than two digit YOY growth.

Publications & Patents

Authored 130+ papers in refereed journals and guided several PhD and Master’s students. He had been reviewer for several journals for JSV, J. ASCE, Computers & Structures, Composites Structures, and JAeSI. He holds several patents on his name.

Dr. Venkateswaralu Andra, Director Technical

A seasoned Scientist with two and a half decades of experience as control systems specialist. Led a team of control engineers as Deputy Division Head, Control Dynamics & Analysis, ISRO Satellite Centre from Indian Space Research Organization.

  • Designed & developed several algorithms for high pointing accuracy remote sensing spacecraft of different generations (for more than 10 spacecraft)
  • Initiated estimation algorithm (First Kalman filter in Indian spacecraft) development
  • Steered a paradigm change in control system algorithms & system development for 1m class high resolution imaging satellites.
  • Driven systems thinking and systems development strategies to bring best performance without driving for best in class subsystems
  • Led space autonomy development team for Indian spacecraft for several years
  • Developed expertise in control algorithms for highly reliable embedded systems
As a senior researcher at GE Global Research at JFWTC, Bangalore,
  • Identified areas of performance improvements using control & optimisation in oil and gas fields
  • Evangelized generalized fault detection based cyber security and system aware cyber security
  • Strategized development of cyber physical systems
  • Conceptualized systems engineering & systems thinking processes for R&D/problem solving
Migrated to business career at Defiance Technologies and created strategic vision and initiated embedded practice.