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Enlivening Technologies - Growth With Partners & Alliances:

Enlivening Tech Signs Up With MSR University of Applied Sciences, Bangalore, India


One of major foundation stones of our Organisation is R&D in Applied Sciences and Engineering Domains. Enlivening Technologies founders are coming with in-depth expertise and domain experience, having worked with large R&D Centers of India in the engineering and aerospace domains.

Enlivening Technologies has been aggressively building relationship with the major Global R&D Centers like Universities, to achieve collaborative capabilities on cutting edge technologies and offer such services to the global clients. The mutual benefit from this relationship has benefited both Enlivening Tech and the R&D Centers. There is a deep thought process followed while building such relationship and roadmaps with the Global R&D Centers.

The recent MOU signed by Enlivening Tech with the major Global R&D center is - MS Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bangalore, India. The MOU has been a major milestone achievement for both the organisations in delivering cutting edge tech solutions to the global science and technologies.

The MOU states that:

MS Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bangalore and Enlivening Technologies Private Limited have signed and MoU in lieu strategic R&D and product development investment in the areas of national importance like advanced composites, unmanned aerial vehicles, autonomous systems and many other areas of interest between each other. MSRUAS and Enlivening will jointly own the IPs created through this partnership. Both the institutions will provide infrastructure and joint guidance to the selected master’s/doctoral students. MSRUAS will also register selected Enlivening staff for Master’s/Doctoral programs.